If you are out of work, you can use this time to improve your own skills

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If you are out of work, you can use this time to improve your own skills

If you are out of work, you can use this time to improve your own skills
There are about 7 percent of people in the United States who are unemployed. This percentage has increased because of COVID-19, and if you are one of those people, don't despair, you are not alone. Many people today are in between choosing their career path and their existing job.

Don't forget that such a period can provide you with many opportunities to develop your own skills. Years of experience become less important compared to mastery and pure skills. If you can show the company what you can do, you might have a chance. Fortunately, today we have the Internet, lots of online courses, personal trainers, and it's becoming much easier than ever.

You may have a job, it can still help you improve your skills, advance your career, or just learn something new outside of your job.

1. Friends

An idea that doesn't immediately come to mind: why not sit down with a friend at work? Think about whether you have friends or acquaintances who are doing something you want to learn. Perhaps your friend has skills that you can observe and thereby learn. Instead of your friend wasting his time sitting around teaching you, just watch him work. Be around during creative work, in business meetings, or when interacting with clients. Take notes if something struck you as particularly interesting.

This method of learning is called "observational learning," and it's how many of us learn to do everything we can. Of course, practice is one of the most important components, but we learn the most when we imitate others. Even from childhood we learn to speak, to walk by looking at other people. A lot of creative products come from trying to take the best of others and combine that into something new. If you need skills in a particular industry, think of observation as a challenge. Make a list for yourself of what you most want to learn and try to go from the basics to the most important. It will also bring you more confidence if you begin to communicate with clients or set up business meetings yourself. If you have seen a professional do it, you will already have a role model for your own behavior.

2. Free online courses

Remote work today is one of the most common types of work, but in this way you can not only earn but also learn. Consider occupying your free schedule with online courses. Try to come at it with fun and creativity. Develop your own program to learn and hone the skills you need most. Often people think of learning as a means to obtain a certificate of completion. Try to think about it a bit different. An employer will give you a coveted position and an opportunity to prove yourself if they feel you have certain skills that will help the company. So, if you are taking an online course, try to think about how you can use your knowledge in the workplace. If you are studying marketing, then understand the topic well enough that you can immediately present your presentation about the advertising company or SEO report for the company you want to get a job with. This will be a major marker for them that you are serious and willing to give them your skills.

3. Social Media

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many have used social media to market their talent. A large number of people starting their careers off the Internet are moving to TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Through skillful use of social media, you can increase your audience, show your skills to more people. The whole world is open for you to engage with.

Some people showcase their capabilities, the benefits of their business through short videos about their product. Some smaller companies create promotional content with minimal resources, shooting commercials in their homes.  Today, our profiles and social media pages are exactly the same portfolio, which serves to attract companies to us and promote our abilities. At this point your talent can speak for you.

It seems hard to set yourself up for something positive while you're writing your resume, searching for a new job and waiting to hear back from your employer. But you don't have to waste time for nothing, you have the opportunity to use it to develop your skills to apply them in the future in your creative work and at work, in order to move up the career ladder and realize your ambitions.
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